Internets most efficient javascript compression tool

What is is a free online tool to compress javascript files into very small and self extracting files.

How is the compression done?
Besides the common removal of comments, tabs and spaces as seen in many other tools, this tool also performs "real" compression on the files. The idea is simple, replace long recurring byte sequences by shorter ones.

What about compatibility?
If your code ran before compression, it should run after. If not, let me know because it might be because of a bug. This compression tool is designed for and tested on webpages with the iso-8859-1 charset. Other charsets have not been tested and might or might not work.

Do I have to use semicolons?
No. Although use of semicolon is often recommended, it is not required. Users should not be forced to write their code in a certain style to be able to use this tool. If their code worked before compression, then it must work after, semicolons or not.

I don't like the idea of uploading my work to your server. Maybe you will steal my code.
No. Being a programmer, I write my own code. The files you upload are only saved on the server so that it can be compressed and then downloaded again by you. After that, it is immediatly deleted. If you do NOT download your files after compression, they will be deleted automatically within 24 hours.

I compressed a file, but it didn't work after that.
Please let me know about it. Maybe you found a bug. If possible, also send me the file in question so I can hunt the bug down.

I compressed a file and it works great.
Please let me know of that too. Positive feedback is fun. :)

Are any other cool features planned?
Yes. I have many ideas, but I have also got too little time.

Why can't I see any bananas on this page?
The monkey ate them all.

Average compression:76.1%
Highest compression:100.0%
Files compressed:102620
Bytes uploaded:4244335052
Bytes removed:3229347494
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