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2007-08-02 Progress
More than 2000 files have been compressed here on this site and since the latest version was released I have not received a single bug report. That has given me some time to try some new things for the next version.

As several users has pointed out, it is possible to "double compress" files (compress first with Deans Edwards packer and then with this one) to achieve even better compression.
Of course, the downside of doing this is that the decompression will be slightly slower.

Nevertheless, I've been experimenting with a packer version that combines Deans ideas with mine to get the best compression results possible and I now have a version that compresses Prototype 1.5.1 to about 23kB.
That's about 23% of it's original size and an improvement by rouhgly 6% compared to the version here on this site. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

I also discovered that it is possible to improve how the base62 encoding is performed for better results. By properly sorting alphanumeric strings before base62 encoding and by only encoding strings when there are bytes to be saved by the encoding, you can improve compression by 1,5kB - 2kB on a file like Prototype 1.5.1.

So far this new version is only an early test and will probably need lots of modifications and bugfixes before i'ts ready for release, but it sure looks promising.


Seb says:
The feature that I'd really like to see, would be zip compatibility. I have about 30 js files, and I'd like to be able to upload them all at once and get a zip to download back, to save having to go through each one manually. Possible?
Posted Oct 4th 2007 at 19:14.

wildcard says:
Yes, that would be a nice feature and it shouldn't be very hard to do. I will keep this in mind for a future update.
Posted Oct 5th 2007 at 15:47.

anselmo battisti says:
This service is great thanks.

One idea is put in the site the most used .js library, for exemplo: jquery prototype ext etc.

the original size and the size after the compress.
Posted Nov 8th 2007 at 17:06. Link

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