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2013-11-10 Great improvements
It's been a long time coming, but finally Bananascript has been given an update. This update focuses on compression speed and compressed size.

The compression engine has been rewritten and now uses a different technique, reducing time spent compressing to about a fifth or lower of what it was before.

And this is while producing even smaller files.

As an example:

The "old" Bananascript needed 92 seconds to compress the unminified jQuery 1.10.2 from 273199 bytes down to 63423 bytes.

The new version needs just 14 seconds to compresses the same file down to just 50530 bytes!

On top of this, other smaller improvements have been made, such as better detection and handling of utf-8 encoded files and bug fixes.

I hope you will enjoy this new version of Bananascript.


investor says:
Bananascript is my favorite tool!
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